The Shift has arrived 

The majority of the humans on planet Earth are waking up. I’m using my magic wand as I write my manifestations for heaven on Earth. We are in the Age of Aquarius and the new Paradigm is among us. We are remembering our true power. You may feel yourself become more conscious as the days go on, I sure do.  It’s very important to understand that you can not force anyone to wake up or open their third eye unless they’re willing.

Everyone wakes up differently and at a different moment. You can give your contribution of energy to help them wake up but you can not do it for anyone else. Spirit only has one job and that’s to do what we want. If someone’s spirit is keeping them asleep for a certain reason. I know why I am on earth and it is simply to live the best life I have imagined for myself. Which entails contributing to the human race. What happened to our mother Earth? What happened to our love for her?

Love your planet and notice the truth. The human race is being oppressed by our foreign visitors. They are here to take over and impose the New World Order.   We, the Indigos will not let it get to that point. We are already raising the consciousness of the planet. Feel it within your body. Vibrate at your core frequency and become your aura. Love and light wherever you go. Get in tune with your spirit.


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