Break the Spell, Cast your Own

What you see as you read this sentence is something I refer to as the matrix. A reality created and supported by the collective conscious. We must break free from the illusions of this realm. 

Understand that you have all the control. They never stripped us of our power, they just made it very difficult for us to gain access to our power. Poisoning us by calcifying our Pineal glands (Third Eyes) with flouride in our water supply, toothpaste & chewing gum. Be very conscious of what you are putting into your body. In order to become more conscious we must activate our Pineal gland. Eat food from our Earth & flouride free drink water with high PH levels.

Your body is going to use whatever energy is being carried within that food. By eating animals and animal byproduct we are ingesting their negative, terrifying energies. Don’t make the assumption that they kill all these animals humanly or treat them with any source of love when they are taking their produce. That is the farthest thing from the truth. Treat your temple with love. 

Namaste Star Siblings, 


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