You are enough 

The way we look at things changes them. 

Neuroplasticity. Our brain changes based upon our experiences. Send ripples of positivity through out your universe. Your vibrations are felt all through out.

We are reflections reacting to and changing everything. The way you perceive things can alter your reality. It only matters how you look at them, no one else. We are each a universe in itself. Space is what gives things the illusion of separation when in all actuality, everything is one. 
We are all connected inside and out. Within the entirety of cosmic fabric. We are the microcosm to macrocosm. We are everything meaning you can be anything. You will find you magic as soon as you believe in it. Belief is what creates. All it takes is you to change it. You are the creator of your reality. Take back the power of your life. Every second we are evolving. Infinite evolution.
Connecting with you in the next dimension. 

Love, Cosette

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