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 DeMille wrote her first book when she was only eight years old . She then went on to become a published author at the age of sixteen and sold out her first book signing at seventeen in Los Angeles, CA.
She is an ex actor, signed model, published author, crypto consultant and investor. Two years of acting school before age 9. Signed with acting agent at age 8 and joined a non-exclusive vegan modeling agency in CA. Practiced energy healing and astrology readings in her Venice Beach home. Still offers long distance healings & online astrology readings and natal charts! 
Published 3 books on amazon at age 20. Now selling a number of original NFTs on the ETH Blockchain. If you need help polishing your portfolio or simply need investing advice use the contact form to reach out and schedule a discovery call.
Millennial’s Guide to Infinity is now her second book on Amazon.com available for only $11.11.

“Cosette DeMille’s latest book is more than just a guide to discovering and embracing your inner light; it’s a glorious mantra for a new age of transformation, love, and infinite possibilities. I highly recommend reading this book out loud. You can hear the energy and intention behind her words. Millenial’s Guide to Infinity is a beautiful meditation that will forever shift your paradigms about love, connection, and abundance.”

~ Adam Banning / KABC Radio Host,
Author, and Functional Medicine Expert


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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I really Luv your euro accent and u have cheered me up as u entertain the possibility of hope for troubLed souLs

  2. Hi

    I dont know how you appeared on my Youtube channel homepage – I think it was mycology interests – but you remind me of an ex GF I had from 2009-2011 (Im 53 Hindu, She 23 Catholic) – I am Celibate after that relationship – body (Ojas spent) spent and on the “way out” – but we will meet I guess on the Astral Plane as friends in eternity

    Love all and MUAH (American for CIAO)
    http: .. anilcsrao . squarespace . com

  3. Hi, Cosette demille, I had a dream last night that a younger blonde women was hanging out with me in my dream. we were eating at a food court getting along then I woke up this morning and later in that night I was searching you tube about awakening ones superpowers and your video popped up about meditation so I watched and you inspired me to get back into spiritualism. Then I saw your video with infinite waters who i have watched many times in the past…..maybe a coincidence but anyways thankyou

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