Amsterdam Coffee Shops

The dutch are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone in this city is always laughing and smiling with so much light in their eyes.

We drove six hours from Paris to Amsterdam in an uber. Craziest road trip ever but so worth it. We drove through Northern France & Belgium before making our way to Holland. Here people refer to the country with two names, The Netherlands & Holland.  Holland use to refer to the northern region of the country but it is so big that everyone calls it that now.  So I believe they are the same thing. What do you guys think?

Amsterdam has so much history and love in it. I was only there two days but they were the best.

Now the coffee shops are another world…. an absolute dream. Amsterdam is the only place in the world where you can sip on your coffee & enjoy some herbal medicine at the same time. Here marijuana is legal so the cities make taxes on it.

Also other psychedelics are legal here as well. Nearly everything is legal in Amsterdam. Beware of the red light district unless you’re into that kind of stuff. Mdrr

Some places have bouncers & ask for ID but other places you just walk in an order. I think everyone should visit Amsterdam once in their lifetime.

This is the first time I have ever visited the Netherlands and it was amazing. I already want to go back & spend more time there.

In addition to the cannabis coffee shops they have psychedelic shops that you can walk into and purchase legal magic truffles.

Of course I had to see the way the locals live and experience the city for everything it has to offer. 🙂 in moderation of course..

Amsterdam I love you,


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