Balance yourself

Have you ever noticed how many more people are right handed in the world?

Couldn’t that be a big hint that there is an inbalance of energy within the Earth?

The left part of  your brain, the masculine logical side rules the right side of your body. The right side of your brain is feminine and rules the left side of your body.

I will remind you this has nothing to do with gender, as gender is nothing but another illusion to help develop our evolution of consciousness.

Male energy is currently dominating our beautiful Female Earth. Divine female energies are surrounding us guiding us through this time of evolution.  That is why humans on Earth are using the right side of their bodies more. This is because they are in the left, male part of their brain. This is the inbalance within people and inbalance within the poles of the Earth axis and alignment. 

This explains why if you have ever met someone whose dominant hand is left, they may appear to be illogical or out of their mind. They are primarily connected with their feminine nature. Once humankind has a balance of masculine and feminine energies within themselves, only then will we be able to transcend as a collective conscious. P.S We’ll always be ascending (; 

Love you all, please reach out! I love connecting with you all. 

Cosette DeMille

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