Full Moon in Capricorn

Pain is an interesting thing. Emotion can teach us so much. Emotions are simply data that should not be ignored. Your intuition is always speaking to you. It’s simply up to you to listen to it. You have everything you need to survive. Follow your heart and you will never go wrong. Sometimes the heart and head are telling you two different things. You have to practice discernment so that you’re able to hear that divine inner voice. We are always guided in each and every moment. You can never go wrong as long as you are honoring what your spirit needs and desires.

Have faith even when its hopeless.

Smile when it seems impossible.

Open your heart when its breaking.

Happy New Moon in Taurus

What kind of content do you guys want to see on here? thinking about changing the site up a bit! I want to add readings back and the shop section.

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Happy Beltane

Happy Beltane queens & kings

i hope everyone is having an amazing 2020 so far. so much new content coming to the channel its insane. im still editing so much travel content from my trips in early 2019. its so hard to edit while on the road and being nomadic doesnt make it any easier. i remember the last time i was in italy at a friends house whom i met on couchsurfing (best app EVER) and i lost all of my fucking spain footage on her pullout bed because my tipsy ass was tryna edit at an italien house party lol hustle never stops. anyways hope everyone is amazing .

careful dimension hopping. parallel dimensions are tricky dangerous things. my indigos know. yall see. you guy see everything. i get so many messages and dms from you guys saying i did reiki on you in your sleep or i popped in ur dreams or meditations! those messages make my absolute day! love you all

stay colorful queens. love yourself first. always. xoxo celo

Partial Eclipse in Capricorn ♑️

The last 24 hours have been the most bizarre. A weird wave of anxiety & depression came over me. Then I checked the planets and it all made sense (: today is a Capricorn ♑️ New Moon Eclipse. This is the first new moon of 2019. It’s a partial eclipse, meaning only half the energy of a full eclipse. Still intense but not as much. This new moon eclipse sets the tone for the entire year. ~

Pay attention to what kind of emotions come up tonight and tomorrow. Our emotions are always trying to tell us something and it’s important not to suppress or ignore them. This moon will illuminate any shady business deals or fake friends that may be lurking around. ~

MARS IN ARIES ♈️ which lights a fire under our booty to finish projects we started as well as begin new ones. My mars is in aries which could explain any anxiety or antsy feelings but they will pass. Together they create quite a hot combo. But dont fear! Our north node which rules our direction and purpose is currently sitting in cancer which is opposite Capricorn. These two together balance the energy of this eclipse. ~

Cancer rules our home and family. It is the sign of the crab 🦀 . During this eclipse you might find yourself playing hermit & staying in with a good book or movie. Cuddle up with a nice cup of tea and ride this cosmic wave out. 🌌 ~

You also might be in the middle of a move or are thinking about your living situation and where to go next. If you are still unsure this eclipse will help guide you. Our north node naturally rules guidance and direction and having it in cancer is the perfect time to reassess your living situation. ~

LUNAR THEMES 🌙: persistance, commitment & dreams. – but remember a goal without a plan is just a dream. Be a doer not a dreamer!

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I’m writing this right now so I don’t freak out. I think I just deleted everything on my computer. I just came from a coffee shop called blue bottle. The place was empty but full of about 8 employees. The workers were really nice especially the guy at the front. When I walked in he asked me how I was and I answered and asked him the same in return, you know to be a polite human being. I asked him what he liked better between their two options for iced coffee. He told me I could try them if I wanted and before I got the chance to answer he was already pouring me sample cups. He was really sweet about it and I picked the iced coffee with oat milk. He poured me a large cup and I went to pull out my debit card as he said it was on the house. It made my morning. Until I went to go sit in the back of the shop and pulled out my laptop, charger, hard drive and headphones as I ask a worker who passes by for the wifi password. She tells me they don’t have wifi or outlets. My whole demeanor drops. How could a coffee shop not have two things that are essential for business. In my head I’m thinking about all the customers they just lost.  I biked all the way over here to be able to get some work done. I usually go to the coffee bean on the other side of town. So I down my free iced coffee with oat milk and pack up my stuff. I look for the guy who served me to say thank you again but he was nowhere to be found. So I head outside to unlock my bike I had chained up against the railing and head off to the coffee bean down the street. Now I’m here typing this, sipping my second iced coffee of the day practically shaking because the only thing I’ve eaten today is caffeine. I’m writing this so I can avoid thinking about my hard drive I just erased. Does anyone know the number to apple tech support?

Millennial Side Hustles of 2018

Nowadays no one wants a 9 to 5 and I can’t blame ya. They suck. I currently have one full time 9 to 5 ish job and one millennial side hustle as a personal shopper for instacart.

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I think my favorite thing about these side hustles is that you always create your own schedule and it can be a main hustle if you want it to be.

  1. Become a Driver

you will definitely need a car for this and you also have to be 21.

what apps? Uber or Lyft

     2. Deliver Food

you will also need a car or bike for this, however you only have to be 18.

what apps? instacart, deliveroo, grubhub, door dash, ubereats and postmates

     3. Sell your old clothes & items

what apps? poshmark, vinted, depop, mercari

check out my closet

    4.  Become a dog walker or pet sitter

have a lot of dogs in your neighborhood? consider dog walking or even cat sitting with these apps.

what apps? Wag & Rover 

     5. Livestream 

yes you can live stream and make money while keeping your clothes on. Incredible I know.

what apps? YouNow, Live.Me, Bigo

    6. Rent out your flat or a room in your house

what apps? airbnb

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Goodbye Eclipse Season

Yesterday we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo. Yesterday was a culmination of all of this energy coming to fruition. A lot of you may still be feeling foggy. I know I am. I have a feeling things are going to lighten up very soon. Fake friends showing their true colors. Make sure you are not stretching yourself too thin. REMEMBER THAT YOUR ENERGY IS GOLD AND EVERYBODY WANTS IT.

This eclipse is showing us our worth. You are a magical, divine being that has the ability to create your own reality. Your words are spells and you are always creating.


If you feel like you don’t have anyone real in your life at the moment, then take a step back. It’s okay to be alone. You can be alone and still not be by yourself. You are surrounded by angels and ancestors that believe in you and see your full potential.

Believe people when they show you who they are.



Love, light, and power to you!




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It’s a very creative time. we are getting back to projects we never finished and ideas we never acted upon. the time is now. No more waiting. Get up and create.

No more waiting. No more stagnation. Enlighten yourself. Meditate. Create. Manifest.

With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Leo, we are expressing ourselves, especially with Mercury in Leo. We are doing what we love. What do you love to do and for how long do you allow yourself to enjoy it?

Do you love to read? Paint? Draw? Write? Dance? Sing?

Are you doing those things? Are you giving the love that you give everyone back to yourself? Time to focus on you. The rest will come.

Jupiter recently went direct after being in retrograde for many months. Jupiter is ready to deliver our gifts and opportunities but only if we allow. Create space for change to happen. You will open up portals by doing so.

Mars in Aquarius RX (retrograde) can mean frustration or peace. Depends how you work with it. Mars can be very aggressive but also motivating. Aquarius is a know it all who cares about everyone. With it in retrograde you must find a balance that works.

Both Saturn and Pluto are retrograde in Capricorn. Saturn loves control and Pluto loves change. Very polar opposite energies. One is accepted by society and the other is not. Pluto hates authority. It fvcks with Uranus because of how out of the box & unique they become together. However Saturn and Pluto face off here. Saturn is ruled by Capricorn who loves control just as much. Together there becomes a power struggle. Pluto Rx wants change to come in the deepest form. Pluto wants you to heal. Saturn wants you to do it in an orderly fashion. However that might be impossible. Change can be speratic and random. We don’t always see it nor want it.


I can hear your flowers blooming now. Breathe in the present moment and find the peace that is you. We are infinite. Time does not exist. Anything is possible. Do not let the planets control your fate. You can do anything.




~ C