It’s a very creative time. we are getting back to projects we never finished and ideas we never acted upon. the time is now. No more waiting. Get up and create.

No more waiting. No more stagnation. Enlighten yourself. Meditate. Create. Manifest.

With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Leo, we are expressing ourselves, especially with Mercury in Leo. We are doing what we love. What do you love to do and for how long do you allow yourself to enjoy it?

Do you love to read? Paint? Draw? Write? Dance? Sing?

Are you doing those things? Are you giving the love that you give everyone back to yourself? Time to focus on you. The rest will come.

Jupiter recently went direct after being in retrograde for many months. Jupiter is ready to deliver our gifts and opportunities but only if we allow. Create space for change to happen. You will open up portals by doing so.

Mars in Aquarius RX (retrograde) can mean frustration or peace. Depends how you work with it. Mars can be very aggressive but also motivating. Aquarius is a know it all who cares about everyone. With it in retrograde you must find a balance that works.

Both Saturn and Pluto are retrograde in Capricorn. Saturn loves control and Pluto loves change. Very polar opposite energies. One is accepted by society and the other is not. Pluto hates authority. It fvcks with Uranus because of how out of the box & unique they become together. However Saturn and Pluto face off here. Saturn is ruled by Capricorn who loves control just as much. Together there becomes a power struggle. Pluto Rx wants change to come in the deepest form. Pluto wants you to heal. Saturn wants you to do it in an orderly fashion. However that might be impossible. Change can be speratic and random. We don’t always see it nor want it.


I can hear your flowers blooming now. Breathe in the present moment and find the peace that is you. We are infinite. Time does not exist. Anything is possible. Do not let the planets control your fate. You can do anything.




~ C

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