Cruelty Free Products

Here are some of my favorite #CRUELTYFREE beauty products. I only use the best.

I absolutely love this rosewater toner from burts bees. I use it morning and night to freshen my face.

MILANI lipsticks are my fav! Especially their mattes.

The only hair mask I use. I let it sit in my hair 1-2 hours before I shower.

Unite Your Focus

One of the worst things we have been programed to do is to multitask. When we are multitasking, we are dividing our energy. We have been taught to overthink and complicate things. When we are doing too many things at once, we disperse our energy into multiple directions thus making our goal less effective.

It is important to do one thing at a time. This way you are not dividing your focus, you are uniting it.

When you are eating, just eat. When you are walking, just walk. When you are breathing, just breathe. We must focus the energy of our being on one activity. The more focus you have the more energy you will have.

It’s important to tune in and focus your energy to realign. Through meditation you can tune into what your body is trying to tell you. Be still and listen to the voice within.

Love and Light,

C.M. DeMille


It doesn’t matter how you do it but you must. I feel very compelled to write this because it is so relevant in my life. I had such a creative block for so long. It was truly tearing me apart and I felt I was breaking my own heart when I separated myself from my art. I was losing a piece of me. There were many different factors that caused the block. What helps me the most is practicing forgiveness for myself and knowing that I can pick up the paintbrush whenever I choose. Everything is a choice. It is up to us to make a change.

I’m learning that creating isn’t about perfection, it’s about expression.


This is my advice for all of you as well as for myself. I think so many of us have been taught to keep everything inside. However there is so much that wants to come out to play. You have to let the words flow and the colors pour. Trust that whatever you are creating is divine just like you. Have faith. Know that perfection exists where you stop searching for it.

We are creators in a created world. 

We are here to make a change. Start today and do something you love right now. Stop wasting energy. Everything you need is inside of you. If no one has said it,

I believe in you. You can do anything for you are infinity. 

Micro Marijuana

Less is more.

It’s important that we consume everything in moderation.

Put your energy and intention in your herb.

This is the message I am receiving tonight. I definitely think that the Full Moon in Aries is influencing this.

Head to my Youtube Channel to watch the energy update I did on this Full Moon.

——-> <————

Marijuana is a beautiful healing medicine but it must be respected. When we smoke weed we are having an energetic connection with the Earth. We must give back to love that we are being given. MEDITATE WITH YOUR HERB. Also GO OUTSIDE if you’re going to smoke. It’s always better in nature and you can get more of that divine feminine connection.

I see too many people smoking weed everyday unconsciously. I don’t believe it should be consumed everyday unless absolutely medically necessary. When we do smoke it we must put our energy in it and pray over it. Marijuana is truly a gift from the Universe. Appreciate it and don’t take it for granted. Spread conscious awareness and knowledge about the herb. #LegalizeIt


My cute sativa hybrid (: Mycology blogs coming soon. Stay tuned. Xx

Self Love

At the end of the day no one is going to be able to love you as much as you can love yourself. If you can provide that unconditional love for yourself then you become unstoppable. We are nothing but magical beings. You can do anything and it doesn’t matter what an outside source thinks or say as long as you believe you can.

We must be grateful for all of the incredible things already present in our life. That is the only way we can receive more of them. We are in this together and you are never alone. There are always energies around us guiding us. Have trust in the Universe and trust in yourself because you are so divine. Together we shine. You are your only limit. To infinity and beyond.

Love and Light,



People become so plugged into their own reality that they start to believe it is the only one in existence. That is living with limitation. Ask yourself what limiting beliefs do you have that are holding you back?

We must understand how much there is that remains unknown. Enlightenment is knowing how much you don’t know. You are infinite. Unplug yourself from the matrix that is this reality and become aware of the fact that you are the universe experiencing your creations.

Time & Space, Very powerful illusions

Time and Space are complete illusions in the oneness of the Universe. Everything is one source. We originate from this source. We are all individuals who make up the collective consciousness. Every action you take has a vibrational effect. Sometimes it is very necessary to get space or take time away from a situation. I have learned a lot with my own experiences and I can tell you that if two people don’t receive enough space things can blow up. Giving space to the situation can always improve things. Sometimes when two people spend so much time together they aren’t always thinking about each others’ feelings but looking at each others actions or getting lost in words said.

Energy is what makes everything happen. It is all that your composure is. Not the words you say or the actions you take but the energy that lies within them.

In the end I know I have chosen to experience and learn this way. If you are reading this you have chosen to be here on Earth during this time. We all have created this. We choose our experiences and what we learn. It is part of a bigger plan. Every step is on the path.

We’re experiencing the most beautiful forms of evolution. This is all divine creation so at the end of the day smile because you’re exactly where you should be. There are no mistakes only room for growth. We are connecting with our highest selves. Life is art so make it colorful.

Love and Light

Cosette DeMille

“Why do we have leaders?”


People only look outside of themselves because they are fearful. However humanity is going through an awakening right now. We are remembering who we are. We are sovereign beings capable of anything. The events happening all around us are apart of something larger. We must see how divided we are in order to unite. That is the only way to become a collective conscious. We have to come together. Love is the answer to everything and I’m sure you agree.

Eternal light

Magic exists all around us. It is up to you to see it. We are always creating whether we are conscious of it or not. It’s important to remain connected with higher dimensions. What we are experiencing now is nothing more than an illusion. We are evolving with these illusions to develop our consciousness. Everything is forever. Infinity is all we are. We must remember this as it is vital in the human evolution. We are more than these third dimensional bodies you see.