I’m writing this right now so I don’t freak out. I think I just deleted everything on my computer. I just came from a coffee shop called blue bottle. The place was empty but full of about 8 employees. The workers were really nice especially the guy at the front. When I walked in he asked me how I was and I answered and asked him the same in return, you know to be a polite human being. I asked him what he liked better between their two options for iced coffee. He told me I could try them if I wanted and before I got the chance to answer he was already pouring me sample cups. He was really sweet about it and I picked the iced coffee with oat milk. He poured me a large cup and I went to pull out my debit card as he said it was on the house. It made my morning. Until I went to go sit in the back of the shop and pulled out my laptop, charger, hard drive and headphones as I ask a worker who passes by for the wifi password. She tells me they don’t have wifi or outlets. My whole demeanor drops. How could a coffee shop not have two things that are essential for business. In my head I’m thinking about all the customers they just lost.  I biked all the way over here to be able to get some work done. I usually go to the coffee bean on the other side of town. So I down my free iced coffee with oat milk and pack up my stuff. I look for the guy who served me to say thank you again but he was nowhere to be found. So I head outside to unlock my bike I had chained up against the railing and head off to the coffee bean down the street. Now I’m here typing this, sipping my second iced coffee of the day practically shaking because the only thing I’ve eaten today is caffeine. I’m writing this so I can avoid thinking about my hard drive I just erased. Does anyone know the number to apple tech support?