Full Moon in Capricorn

Pain is an interesting thing. Emotion can teach us so much. Emotions are simply data that should not be ignored. Your intuition is always speaking to you. It’s simply up to you to listen to it. You have everything you need to survive. Follow your heart and you will never go wrong. Sometimes the heart and head are telling you two different things. You have to practice discernment so that you’re able to hear that divine inner voice. We are always guided in each and every moment. You can never go wrong as long as you are honoring what your spirit needs and desires.

Have faith even when its hopeless.

Smile when it seems impossible.

Open your heart when its breaking.

Happy New Moon in Taurus

What kind of content do you guys want to see on here? thinking about changing the site up a bit! I want to add readings back and the shop section.

For now, to book a reading DM me on twitter @cosettedemille

Happy Beltane

Happy Beltane queens & kings

i hope everyone is having an amazing 2020 so far. so much new content coming to the channel its insane. im still editing so much travel content from my trips in early 2019. its so hard to edit while on the road and being nomadic doesnt make it any easier. i remember the last time i was in italy at a friends house whom i met on couchsurfing (best app EVER) and i lost all of my fucking spain footage on her pullout bed because my tipsy ass was tryna edit at an italien house party lol hustle never stops. anyways hope everyone is amazing .

careful dimension hopping. parallel dimensions are tricky dangerous things. my indigos know. yall see. you guy see everything. i get so many messages and dms from you guys saying i did reiki on you in your sleep or i popped in ur dreams or meditations! those messages make my absolute day! love you all

stay colorful queens. love yourself first. always. xoxo celo

Amsterdam Coffee Shops

The dutch are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone in this city is always laughing and smiling with so much light in their eyes.

We drove six hours from Paris to Amsterdam in an uber. Craziest road trip ever but so worth it. We drove through Northern France & Belgium before making our way to Holland. Here people refer to the country with two names, The Netherlands & Holland.  Holland use to refer to the northern region of the country but it is so big that everyone calls it that now.  So I believe they are the same thing. What do you guys think?

Amsterdam has so much history and love in it. I was only there two days but they were the best.

Now the coffee shops are another world…. an absolute dream. Amsterdam is the only place in the world where you can sip on your coffee & enjoy some herbal medicine at the same time. Here marijuana is legal so the cities make taxes on it.

Also other psychedelics are legal here as well. Nearly everything is legal in Amsterdam. Beware of the red light district unless you’re into that kind of stuff. Mdrr

Some places have bouncers & ask for ID but other places you just walk in an order. I think everyone should visit Amsterdam once in their lifetime.

This is the first time I have ever visited the Netherlands and it was amazing. I already want to go back & spend more time there.

In addition to the cannabis coffee shops they have psychedelic shops that you can walk into and purchase legal magic truffles.

Of course I had to see the way the locals live and experience the city for everything it has to offer. 🙂 in moderation of course..

Amsterdam I love you,


Paris Fashion Week 

Earlier this month I attended the Zuhair Murad show in Paris for Fashion week. It was truly a magical event. I feel so blessed to be able to experience all of this. So many beautiful opportunities all around me. I wasn’t in Paris for very long but I know I will be back very soon. Paris has my heart. Next year I hope to attend art school there.

We took the train from London to Paris.

I will take a train over a plane any day. Trains allow me to feel more grounded and you also get to see so much! There are some parts of the world that you can only experience by train. 

From Paris we then DROVE to Amsterdam…. If you guys don’t know that’s quite a far drive. What an amazing adventure this whole trip was.   I still have so much incredible content to share with you all.

Make sure to head to my Youtube Channel to watch all of my Europe vlogs:


Counting the days until I return.



Wearing a Hijab in Lebanon 🇱🇧 


A few months back I had the pleasure to travel to Lebanon and experience what it was like from a completely different perspective. I bought a silk scarf from the market in Beirut, Lebanon and had my Arabic friend assist me. Apparently I wore the hijab Turkish style rather than Lebanese. What an experience. Going to third world countries like that really gives you perspective. We have so much to be grateful for. Smile. We are perfect. Perfection exists where you are now. So much love and light in my heart.

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Lost in London


I traveled to London around the holidays and New Years. In previous years I had spent the new year in Manhattan, New York for the ball drop. It was absolutely insane but definitely worth experiencing at least once. That year we got lucky and found an amazing spot in the huge crowd of people in Times Square for the count down. Amazing memories.

London has such a different energy about it. Central London is amazing for sight seeing however lots of tourists. There is so much to explore within the outskirts of the big city. Just go explore and even if you get lost you’ll find something. I love going off the beaten path and discovering things only locals know about.


Funny story, we came back to our hotel near Regent Street around 7pm on New Years Eve and I accidentally slept through midnight. I woke up at 3 am and realized I had missed everything including the party. I was so annoyed that I missed New Years.  I decided to get up and go find something to do.

I should warn you its very easy to get turned around by the tricky streets of London. So at this point I was only a few streets from Picadilly Circus and was already asking locals for directions back. Was such an adventure and definitely a memory I would never trade. We learn by experience so go out and get lost. I promise you’ll learn so much. At the end of my trip I knew my way around so well I didn’t even need a map.

My number one travel tip would definitely be to ask the locals for tips on where to go and what to see. You never know what you could find. Met some amazing people and heartwarming souls.

Making friends in new places is great because you really don’t know what you’re in for. As long as you give out the energy you want to experience then you’re in for something magical. You get what you give in this balanced universe.

I plan to return to London soon. On my last trip we went to see the Shakespeare play ‘Henry IV’ at the Famous theater there. I couldn’t tell you how it ended because I slept through the whole thing. What an expensive nap.  

Soon I will return to the UK to enjoy the theater for what it is. The art in Europe is like no other.

We also went a few hour out of London to see Stonehenge and Windsor castle. img_8015

Counting the days until I return. We were put on this planet to explore it.

French Adventures 

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France is most definitely on the top of my list for travel destinations. I know its one of the most popular countries and for great reasons. I have been to Paris a handful of times and also the southern coast of the country. Nice and St. Tropez are absolutely breathtaking. Monaco, which is a city of its own was my favorite.

We also went to the Cannes film festival which was incredible. I should be attending the festival again this year.  I love walking the Promenade Des Anglais along the Mediterranean sea. So many cute cafés and shoppes. Its the most perfect when walking the beach at sunrise. Ahh take me back already. France is such a dream and I suggest going once in your lifetime!
I hope to soon visit the old cities of the country soon. There’s some magical energies in those small towns. Something about it feels so familiar. “I have been here before” I think as I walk along the old cobblestone.

They also have the best food in my opinion. France and Italy come pretty close. Its a tough one. From the mushroom truffle risotto to the pesto pasta and so so much more. The food here in America doesn’t even compare. I eat a totally different diet while I’m in Europe and it changes when I come back to the states. My body is forced to adjust to the American ways.

I’m counting the days until I go back. My posts about my trip to Italy will be uploaded soon! Stay tuned lovelies.

Love and light


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