Millennial Side Hustles of 2018

Nowadays no one wants a 9 to 5 and I can’t blame ya. They suck. I currently have one full time 9 to 5 ish job and one millennial side hustle as a personal shopper for instacart.

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I think my favorite thing about these side hustles is that you always create your own schedule and it can be a main hustle if you want it to be.

  1. Become a Driver

you will definitely need a car for this and you also have to be 21.

what apps? Uber or Lyft

     2. Deliver Food

you will also need a car or bike for this, however you only have to be 18.

what apps? instacart, deliveroo, grubhub, door dash, ubereats and postmates

     3. Sell your old clothes & items

what apps? poshmark, vinted, depop, mercari

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    4.  Become a dog walker or pet sitter

have a lot of dogs in your neighborhood? consider dog walking or even cat sitting with these apps.

what apps? Wag & Rover 

     5. Livestream 

yes you can live stream and make money while keeping your clothes on. Incredible I know.

what apps? YouNow, Live.Me, Bigo

    6. Rent out your flat or a room in your house

what apps? airbnb

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Goodbye Eclipse Season

Yesterday we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo. Yesterday was a culmination of all of this energy coming to fruition. A lot of you may still be feeling foggy. I know I am. I have a feeling things are going to lighten up very soon. Fake friends showing their true colors. Make sure you are not stretching yourself too thin. REMEMBER THAT YOUR ENERGY IS GOLD AND EVERYBODY WANTS IT.

This eclipse is showing us our worth. You are a magical, divine being that has the ability to create your own reality. Your words are spells and you are always creating.


If you feel like you don’t have anyone real in your life at the moment, then take a step back. It’s okay to be alone. You can be alone and still not be by yourself. You are surrounded by angels and ancestors that believe in you and see your full potential.

Believe people when they show you who they are.



Love, light, and power to you!




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It’s a very creative time. we are getting back to projects we never finished and ideas we never acted upon. the time is now. No more waiting. Get up and create.

No more waiting. No more stagnation. Enlighten yourself. Meditate. Create. Manifest.

With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Leo, we are expressing ourselves, especially with Mercury in Leo. We are doing what we love. What do you love to do and for how long do you allow yourself to enjoy it?

Do you love to read? Paint? Draw? Write? Dance? Sing?

Are you doing those things? Are you giving the love that you give everyone back to yourself? Time to focus on you. The rest will come.

Jupiter recently went direct after being in retrograde for many months. Jupiter is ready to deliver our gifts and opportunities but only if we allow. Create space for change to happen. You will open up portals by doing so.

Mars in Aquarius RX (retrograde) can mean frustration or peace. Depends how you work with it. Mars can be very aggressive but also motivating. Aquarius is a know it all who cares about everyone. With it in retrograde you must find a balance that works.

Both Saturn and Pluto are retrograde in Capricorn. Saturn loves control and Pluto loves change. Very polar opposite energies. One is accepted by society and the other is not. Pluto hates authority. It fvcks with Uranus because of how out of the box & unique they become together. However Saturn and Pluto face off here. Saturn is ruled by Capricorn who loves control just as much. Together there becomes a power struggle. Pluto Rx wants change to come in the deepest form. Pluto wants you to heal. Saturn wants you to do it in an orderly fashion. However that might be impossible. Change can be speratic and random. We don’t always see it nor want it.


I can hear your flowers blooming now. Breathe in the present moment and find the peace that is you. We are infinite. Time does not exist. Anything is possible. Do not let the planets control your fate. You can do anything.




~ C

Ladies Listen Up

Are you using organic cotton tampons and pads?

Mainstream tampon and pad brands purposely put toxic chemicals in them to make us bleed more so we buy more.

Bleach, chlorine, aluminum, and many more are put in these feminine hygiene products to hurt us. They do not care about our wellbeing or our bodies. We must take responsibility and do our own research.

It is time we take care of ourselves and vote with our dollar. Below are some links to organic cotton tampons and pads as well as cotton underwear. Etsy has a lot of good quality cotton you can check out too. Organic Brands that are safe include the following:

These next two can be found at drugstores such as CVS and Walgreens however I noticed that they are cheaper online.

Natra Care

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Natra Care

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About Time

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote anything. I’ve been trying to find my creative self again. I can’t lie it’s been a struggle and I still feel like breaking down. Things still feel stagnant. I know the universe is supporting me right now and telling me to just go out and do it. I’ve been fighting it for so long. Everything in my world is telling me to express and create. sometimes I just sit here with frustration and anger towards myself and my circumstances but honestly that’s not going to get me anywhere. It’s not productive to dwell but I just feel stuck…

I want to get out of this funk. I want to feel as if there is no creative block. It happened. It’s over. I want to be able to create again… not only for me but for all of you. We all have so much potential. We are infinite beings here to create heaven on earth. It’s time for me to choose not to suffer. I choose happiness. I choose to be strong and go after what I want.

I’ve been slacking on my daily meditation and yoga. Lately instead of waking up and meditating first, I’ve been grabbing my phone and honestly it doesn’t feel good. I need to keep the promise I made to myself to meditate, practice yoga and get out in nature everyday. AND CREATE EVERYDAY.




Now go live up to the potential you know you have.


love always,


No dairy no meat no problem

It’s no secret, veganism is on the rise. It’s getting more and more popular. There are many reasons that people go vegan or vegetarian. I ask everyone I meet what made them make the change.

Most people say they stopped consuming animal products for their health but most vegans are also aware of the abuse that goes on behind closed doors.

Society has numbed us. We have been put into this simulation that is full of illusions everywhere we look. We are taught that eating animals is healthy and necessary for protein intake. However this is all false.

Science has proved that we do not need animals to be healthy. It is actually quite unhealthy to consume animal products.

Meat and dairy lead to heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and death.

Its simple. Eat life or eat death.

The abuse that goes on behind closed doors is sickening. What they do to these animals you would not wish on your worst enemy.

What they do to these animals is WORSE than your WORST nightmare.

The time to wake up is now. Make the conscious choice. Choose life over death. We do not need animals to survive. It is time we heal ourselves and our Earth. That includes the animals.

Choose love over violence. #GoVegan

#BreakTheWall Womens Campaign

A few weeks ago I did a feminine campaign for #BREAKTHEWALL . It was an artistic take on breaking down social standards. I loved doing this shoot so much because it was about a cause that was close to my heart. Its an amazing time on Earth. Females are taking their power back. Its about respecting yourself so that others can as well. We’re stronger together.

United as one,

Cosette DeMille

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Twitter: cosette_demille

KTM Malibu Fashion show for #LAFW

Saturday I had a blast opening at the Kiss the Mermaids fashion show in Malibu Hills. It was amazing working with KTM for #LAFW. 

Originally I was suppose to be working the event as a greeter because I didn’t reach the height requirement for the runway. 

Little did I know that I would be showing up to the event and immediately thrown into wardrobe and makeup. 

I ended up being the first model on the runway for Daniela London’s Line. 

It was such a pleasure opening for the show and walking for Choose Love Style. I love going to amazing events and meeting great people. Thank you KTM for this amazing experience. So many opportunities can be found if you lead yourself to the right place.