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It doesn’t matter how you do it but you must. I feel very compelled to write this because it is so relevant in my life. I had such a creative block for so long. It was truly tearing me apart and I felt I was breaking my own heart when I separated myself from my art. I was losing a piece of me. There were many different factors that caused the block. What helps me the most is practicing forgiveness for myself and knowing that I can pick up the paintbrush whenever I choose. Everything is a choice. It is up to us to make a change.

I’m learning that creating isn’t about perfection, it’s about expression.


This is my advice for all of you as well as for myself. I think so many of us have been taught to keep everything inside. However there is so much that wants to come out to play. You have to let the words flow and the colors pour. Trust that whatever you are creating is divine just like you. Have faith. Know that perfection exists where you stop searching for it.

We are creators in a created world. 

We are here to make a change. Start today and do something you love right now. Stop wasting energy. Everything you need is inside of you. If no one has said it,

I believe in you. You can do anything for you are infinity. 

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