Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

Opening your Third Eye means becoming spiritually in tune with yourself and the worlds around you. If you wish to become spiritually connected with the Universe and all forms of life and energy around you, the first step is healing your Third Eye, or pineal gland.

The Third Eye or the pineal gland is gland of all glands within the Endocrine system of the body. Activating it means waking up from the illusions all around us. The Third eye is the key for everyone’s awakening.

What calcifies it the most is the flouride they put in the drinking water. I have been more conscious of the water I am consuming. The higher the PH level of the water the better. Go for the most alkaline water. 

They poison us all the time and in more ways than we can imagine.  However, they’re no longer getting away with it because of the amount of people who are waking up on planet Earth. The Pineal gland is naturally the size of an eyeball, hence the name Third Eye, or the Ajna chakra.

Realize that you are INFINITE. Allow yourself freedom from the ONE Universe that you have been stuck in your whole life. You are not your name nor your job. You are limitless energy. There are infinite possibilities. You are capable of anything. 

How can you define infinity without putting a limitation on it? 

That’s the truth. However, the truth can’t be told it has to be realized.

You are an infinite Universe experiencing itself within itself. When you become aware of the infinite possibility in this Universe, that is the moment of true awakening.

Sending you all love and light. Please reach out. We are stronger when united.

Your star sister,


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