Divided to Unite

Humanity is going through an awakening right now. The events happening all around us are apart of something larger. We must see how divided we are in order to unite. That is the only way to become a collective conscious. We have to come together.

Love is the seed that must be spread to every inch on our planet. It is the energy that will save us. Love is what will transcend us into the next dimension. Put your energy into all things. We are around nothing but energy because that is all we are.

Energy is vibrating so rapid it gives off the illusion of appearing in solid form. Illusions are all around us and it is up to us to separate them from the truth.

They don’t tell you in school, “you’re infinite.”  If they did, children wouldn’t feel the weight of the left brain limitations.

Restore the divine feminine and begine creating again. After all, we are creators. We are the ones we have been waiting for. The revolution is inside yourself.

Love always


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