Eclipse in Leo 2017

This year has started out pretty crazy with all of the energies of this eclipse season. In the beginning of 2017 we have three eclipses. First the new moon in Capricorn, then Aquarius and finally the Pisces new moon. The energies are shifting in the collective and making it easier for us to manifest our dreams by clearing out unwanted energies.

You choose what to invite into your energetic field. Only accept love into your field. The water only sinks the ship if it gets inside. Protect yourself by desensitizing yourself from these negative energies because, like we have spirit guides of our highest good, we also have negative spirit guides that like to tempt us.

Embrace the highest vibrations into your field and may you only attract those. Eclipses like to close old doors so we can open up new ones. Embody the energy you wish to attract. Think about the kind of timeline you want to be on. Now is the time we must manifest more than ever.

Connecting with you all in multiple dimensions.

Love and light


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