Everything is Temporary

Nothing in life is permanent. The only constant thing in this Universe is change. Change is forever, everything else is temporary. Live for now because nothing else is real except for this moment.  You can’t live in the past because if you do, then there is no way to be truly content in the present moment. This moment, the moment in which you are reading this, is all that is real. It is all that we have.  Why should you allow something in the past to obstruct your happiness today?  You are the only one in charge of your feelings and emotions, so why should you let an outside force take control of them? Everything in this world has a beginning and end. Some people or things are only meant to be in your life for a chapter of it. Once that chapter’s finished, it doesn’t mean that the book ends, simply another chapter begins.  Anything that is meant to be, will be and if you place your trust within the Universe it is sure to grant your wishes.  Just because one thing ends doesn’t mean everything does. At the end of the day the Earth still rotates and the Sun still shines. If the Universe can continue on, so can you. Embrace the fact that change is an unavoidable part of life. By embracing it, you’re inviting all of the wonderful promises of the future.

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