Food is Energy

Energy is transferred within food. We have to start respecting the animals on the planet. That is the only way collectively we will reach health. These negative energy foods suck the life from us. Nature has provided everything we need to reach inner balance and harmony. 

The more humanity evolves, we will see we don’t need to consume animals.  Once I stopped eating animals I felt so much better. The fear and anxiety that is inside those animals right before they are killed is at an all time high and that becomes the flesh that you eat. 

Scarily enough, it is the blood that is the addicive part. Also you are consuming the animal’s DNA so guess what, they are now a part of you. Meat diets are the number one cause of constipation. Your body cannot break down the meat as easy as an apple. 

When it comes to eating you want to turn the food into energy as quick as possible. This means the faster it goes in your mouth and leaves your body, the better. That means your body is absorbing all of the delicious nutrients it needs. Your body is deprived of all of this on a meat diet. 

 Yes they are making plastic crops, poisoning our water with Third Eye toxins, and manufacturing animals for the initial purpose of consumption. You are only as good as what you eat. 

Are you eating death or eating life? Food is energy. Everything is energy. The fearful energy that was produced by that animal during its murder is then transferred to you as you. You take on all that horrific stressed energy and you survive off of that through out your day. I realized it really was the reason I was feeling so tired and lifeless. I also stopped having anxiety attacks. 

Eating life gives you life. Its quite simple. Its this new way of thinking that the planet is evolving into. 

 Make sure that you are eating the food from Mother Earth. She grows and provides us with everything we need in order to not only survive, but thrive. Use your thoughts to heal your body and energize with the New Earth . 

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