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Full Moon in Capricorn 


HAPPY FULL MOON EVERYONE! This is a powerful one!

On July 9th we have a Full Moon in Capricorn. The message I am getting with this Full Moon is that we are all co-creating this reality. You decide what kind of life you are going to live.

Capricorn energy helps us manifest and take action towards our goals in the tangible world. This energy will motivate us as well as bring clarity to which steps we must take to manifest our lives.

We just had a New Moon in Cancer which was all about looking within to understand our deepest desires. Cancer is the native sign of the moon so it illuminated anything and everything hiding in the shadows.

Capricorn energy is very practical while Cancer energy is extremely sensitive and intuitive. They are polar opposites on the zodiac chart.  Therefore during this time it is important we balance our inner and outerworlds. ( Cancer & Capricorn)

Take time during this moon cycle to look within and prioritize your own needs.

This full moon will illuminate the practical steps we must take in order to achieve our long term goals.

Pluto RX (Retrograde) conjunct with the moon in 18° Capricorn helps us plan ahead with a larger perspective. Where do you see yourself in a year? The energy at this full moon is very beneficial for getting on our most favored timeline. Stay focused & use it to your advantage.

Mars is conjunct the Sun in an opposition of  22° Cancer. This creates a wonderful opportunity to make long term commitments.  Start thinking about the life you want to create for yourself. Anything is possible.
What can you do today in order to be where you want tomorrow? Start small and you will see big changes. Belief is creation.


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