I have learned that if you are not grateful for the things around you they will start to disappear. In order to keep the things you care about in your life present, you have to acknowledge and appreciate their existence. It’s all about focusing on what you have as opposed to what you don’t. If the Universe sees that you don’t appreciate what you have, it interprets it as you no longer needing them, so it removes them for you. We only appreciate our good health when it goes bad. We only appreciate our money, as soon as it is gone. We only appreciate our loved ones after it is too late. If you begin to take notice to everything in your life rather than take things for granted, you will see how lucky you are. Not everyone has what you have. Every person on this Earth has desires. However, in order to obtain them you must show the Universe how happy you are with what you have. Only once you begin to show gratuity, the Universe will respond by fulfilling your desires. The more gratuity that is shown, the more you will receive. By giving you will start receiving. The more appreciation you show, the more that comes your way. It is all up to you. You have the power to change everything.


  1. You know during my childhood and further I had such moments then I fell light and that l was light and I saw and fell that I am just a part of the very happy light, I have a body of light and my physical body something very little and not such important. There was one problem I wanted home to the beautiful light and I did not understood why I am here on unperfect land. Not always surtanly I had such fights but I had 🙂❤️.

    1. We are all on Earth for a unique purpose. Lose yourself in your creations thats where your purpose lies, in your creations. We are all here to create in this created world! Much love and light sister. You are an angel

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