Happy Beltane

Happy Beltane queens & kings

i hope everyone is having an amazing 2020 so far. so much new content coming to the channel its insane. im still editing so much travel content from my trips in early 2019. its so hard to edit while on the road and being nomadic doesnt make it any easier. i remember the last time i was in italy at a friends house whom i met on couchsurfing (best app EVER) and i lost all of my fucking spain footage on her pullout bed because my tipsy ass was tryna edit at an italien house party lol hustle never stops. anyways hope everyone is amazing .

careful dimension hopping. parallel dimensions are tricky dangerous things. my indigos know. yall see. you guy see everything. i get so many messages and dms from you guys saying i did reiki on you in your sleep or i popped in ur dreams or meditations! those messages make my absolute day! love you all

stay colorful queens. love yourself first. always. xoxo celo

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