Immortal Creators

Everything is completely up to us. We are creation. We are immortal creators. We can always be greater because we are infinite. Infinity is the only true essence of your being. We are all one, we just became separated along the way so that we can experience how incredible it is to unite.

A problem can’t be solved unless people recognize there’s a problem. 

The history books in the classroom explain the abolishment of slavery, yet they don’t tell you the true slaves are the ones sitting in those plastic chairs staring at a book of agreed upon lies.

 Do you really think you came from the stars, landed on this planet to unquestionably slave your energy away in a mental prison? 

Have you ever thought about why it’s called a Government? Govern – Mental. Take back control. Reign the temple of your mind. 

They aren’t trying to kill us, they are trying to create an army of slaves. Slavery is still very much relevant. They like to make you think the problem is gone so that you no longer work to solve it.  Most of humanity is currently asleep, unaware of the fact that they are in complete control. They give up their power in the hands of another force that they believe to be greater than themselves. Living off of fear rather than love. You aren’t forced to do anything once you come into this World other than save it. The time is now and the brighter we shine together, the weaker they get. Change yourself and you change the world. Atlantis will be restored. Here’s to the New Earth. I love you all.

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