It’s not impossible

Life can become pretty unbearable at times, especially if we think about it all at once. All the events in our life fall under one category, the past, present, or future. We all know the ways of our mind and for most of us that can get quite terrifying at times. We need to take life one step at a time. I think we all are aware of the proper mindset each of us should acquire but for some reason there’s still something standing in the way. Although, no one understands how easy it is. You just have to start by admitting your happiness. Happiness is a choice, not a destination.  Decide you are.  Decide you are happy with everything that’s in your life and decide that you would remain happy even if none of it was in it. Even if you don’t believe these things to be true, you have to go about your life as if they are. That way, one day you will start to believe them. As long as you live your life accordingly, things will begin to fall into place exactly where you want them. That’s all it takes. Everyone is born to think they each have their own recipe to happiness but all they’re missing is their secret ingredient. We all have access to the same formula for happiness and there’s no secret to it. It’s right there before our eyes. It has always been present.  It will always be attainable. Yet most of us overlook it because we’re too busy concocting our little experiments in order to search for happiness. Some people think they can buy their way to seek happiness, spending their every penny to look for it when it has always been free for everyone. Everyone deserves happiness and anyone can attain it. It’s time to start realizing that. It’s not impossible.

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