Lifting the Veil

We have created this consciousness shift for the purpose of our own evolutionary transformation. Light is the only thing that can create darkness, and only by its absence. 

However, darkness is a complete illusion, as the light is always present. The light creates the darkness to see how bright it can shine.  This awakening is going to lift the veil for all of humanity to realize what and who has been controlling their lives.  Planet Earth is currently enslaved. Exit the matrix and take back your power. Open that beautiful third eye and help speed up this metamorphosis.

Yes people are really out there selling their souls. Yes these people are the ones you hear on the radio and see all over your television. It’s all mind control so that you give your power away. Whatever you tune into you’ll turn into and they’ve known this. Once I learned this, I put my energy where I want to see it manifest. 

I will only go so far in preaching to you about how controlled this world really is. Do your own research. Discover life for yourself. I don’t want you to see like me, I just want you to see.  That’s the only way I came upon gaining knowledge on the subject and coming to the conclusion that it is all in our hands. Your life is yours. We have the power to create any world for ourselves. Let’s make it a colorful one. It starts with you. 

Shine bright,


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