Lost in London


I traveled to London around the holidays and New Years. In previous years I had spent the new year in Manhattan, New York for the ball drop. It was absolutely insane but definitely worth experiencing at least once. That year we got lucky and found an amazing spot in the huge crowd of people in Times Square for the count down. Amazing memories.

London has such a different energy about it. Central London is amazing for sight seeing however lots of tourists. There is so much to explore within the outskirts of the big city. Just go explore and even if you get lost you’ll find something. I love going off the beaten path and discovering things only locals know about.


Funny story, we came back to our hotel near Regent Street around 7pm on New Years Eve and I accidentally slept through midnight. I woke up at 3 am and realized I had missed everything including the party. I was so annoyed that I missed New Years.  I decided to get up and go find something to do.

I should warn you its very easy to get turned around by the tricky streets of London. So at this point I was only a few streets from Picadilly Circus and was already asking locals for directions back. Was such an adventure and definitely a memory I would never trade. We learn by experience so go out and get lost. I promise you’ll learn so much. At the end of my trip I knew my way around so well I didn’t even need a map.

My number one travel tip would definitely be to ask the locals for tips on where to go and what to see. You never know what you could find. Met some amazing people and heartwarming souls.

Making friends in new places is great because you really don’t know what you’re in for. As long as you give out the energy you want to experience then you’re in for something magical. You get what you give in this balanced universe.

I plan to return to London soon. On my last trip we went to see the Shakespeare play ‘Henry IV’ at the Famous theater there. I couldn’t tell you how it ended because I slept through the whole thing. What an expensive nap.  

Soon I will return to the UK to enjoy the theater for what it is. The art in Europe is like no other.

We also went a few hour out of London to see Stonehenge and Windsor castle. img_8015

Counting the days until I return. We were put on this planet to explore it.

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