Millennial Side Hustles of 2018

Nowadays no one wants a 9 to 5 and I can’t blame ya. They suck. I currently have one full time 9 to 5 ish job and one millennial side hustle as a personal shopper for instacart.

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I think my favorite thing about these side hustles is that you always create your own schedule and it can be a main hustle if you want it to be.

  1. Become a Driver

you will definitely need a car for this and you also have to be 21.

what apps? Uber or Lyft

     2. Deliver Food

you will also need a car or bike for this, however you only have to be 18.

what apps? instacart, deliveroo, grubhub, door dash, ubereats and postmates

     3. Sell your old clothes & items

what apps? poshmark, vinted, depop, mercari

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    4.  Become a dog walker or pet sitter

have a lot of dogs in your neighborhood? consider dog walking or even cat sitting with these apps.

what apps? Wag & Rover 

     5. Livestream 

yes you can live stream and make money while keeping your clothes on. Incredible I know.

what apps? YouNow, Live.Me, Bigo

    6. Rent out your flat or a room in your house

what apps? airbnb

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