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I am always looking for natural beauty alternatives. It’s a little scary when you research all the toxins that actually go into these big industry products. Not to mention the majority of brands that are on the shelf actually test on animals. Once I found out about all the chemicals put in our proclaimed “natural” products, I immediately went to discover a better alternative.

You should be conscious of the ingredients inside of your make up and beauty products. If it was tested on an animal rather than a human, I will not purchase. Instead I always read ingredients rather than just labels.

Look out for bath bombs and other beauty products that have yeast as a ingredient as it can cause infection. Also make sure all ingredients are GMO free.

If it doesn’t say cruelty free that is because its not. Sadly, you have to assume its tested on animals unless its stated otherwise. You can’t trust these big industries. I promise they are not looking out for us. They just want us to keep consuming. Being consumer conscious is more important than ever before.

You never know what could be in them if you don’t take the time to check. I strive to use the most natural ingredients.

My friend Kaitee Tyner, owner of the company “Moon Body Soul” gave me some bathtime treats to refresh my body and soul. From moon balls to body scrubs and soul soaks, she has everything you could need to relax during a crazy moon cycle!

I doubt I’m alone when I say a warm bath with a yummy bath bomb sounds amazing after a long day. She gave me a few goodies to play with. First, some of the moon ball bath bombs, their delicious coffee body scrub, and a floral soul soak for the tub. So excited to try all these. You can find these awesome products on her site You can use my code “COSETTEDEMILLE” for 10% off on anything in her shop.

I feel it is very important to spread this message as it is necessary to know what is in your products. Please read all ingredients on the back of a label before making a purchase.

I hope this helps. Lots of love & light.

– Cosette


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