My Past Life

In this life I am living in the body of Cosette DeMille, an author and artist. Recently I have done some past life regression and opened a door to one of my past lives. I dived into my most previous past life. Truly I feel like everything makes sense now. Find out who you were last and why you’re here. It’s all connected.

We began to go into a very deep meditation.  We started by connecting with an early childhood memory of this lifetime. I was back to when I was 4 years old, playing in a pink barbie truck with my brother and father. After that, I walked down the staircase of life that we had pictured into the hallway of lifetimes. There I just saw an infinite amount of doors. At this point I could see everything so clearly it felt real. I had simply switched realities. I saw a wooden mint green door with a rusty knob. It was quite beat up and looked like it had been for generations. The first thing I saw was my super big leather shoes. Looked like a size 14 and they were really used and looked like falling off. I opened it to find a small, old home with lots of people.  I felt that it was my grandfather’s house but there was no Grandmother. I had a large family with two aunts, one uncle, their children, my wife and my son and daughter. i know they are alive today and I can find them if I wish. I felt familiar energies all around me. I’m quite sure my boyfriend in this life was my wife in my past life. I also think my mother now, was my uncle. Lives recreate like that. You belong to a tribe of spirits that keep incarnating together.

Who were you?


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