My Third Eye Opened

September 25th 2016 my third eye opened.It is something that goes beyond words entirely. I had been in a deep meditation with such a euphoric spiritual high I began breaking down in tears. This is when I had my first OOBE (Out of Body Experience) as I felt my spirit flee from the shell bounds. Then I swear it was as if I was feeling an eyelid of my third eye peel back. At this point I was feeling extremely enlightened. There is so much we don’t know. We will always be learning and exploring more.

We are infinite beings in finite bodies. Remember that this reality is not the only one.  If you don’t like what you see, you are capable of changing it anytime you like.

Star dust is our DNA. Stop thinking of things as random or just coincidences when absolutely everything is connected. There is an explanation for everything. We ARE the Universe, capable of manifesting our lives into our greatest fantasies. Afterall, none of this is real. Until you open that eye of yours of course. Don’t get too caught up in the wrong reality.

Have your body stay grounded with Mother while your soul explores the vast planes of the beautiful astrals.

Your mind is everything and it is responsible for the reality you are experiencing now. You created everything you see. It all starts with you. Remain conscious of your frequency and be responsible for the energy you give others. Have your existence be your destination. You are the light, share it freely.



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