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New Moon in Cancer


Even though Cancer may come across as the gentle and loving crab it is actually the powerhouse of the zodiac! This New Moon is a total game changer for many of us.

Cancer is a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are leaders and shifters of energy, which means that they are meant to bring change. Cancer energy understands boundaries. Don’t be afraid to say no! Take time for yourself during this phase.

New Moons provide chances for new chapters as well as reflecting on past events. This new moon is also the perfect time to set intentions for the culminating full moon in Capricorn on July 9th.

Cancer energy connects us with what we love and care for most.  For many of us, it connects with our home and family. Prioritize your needs during this time of reflection. Cancer is the sign of the crab so beware not to hide in your shell for too long or you could miss out on all of the energetic downloads coming our way.

Mercury’s influence during this new moon is strong! Mercury is our planet of communication, making sure our voice is heard. Speak your truth no matter what the cost. At the end of the day you will be grateful you did.

Dreamy Neptune remains in Pisces during this phase which helps increase our intuition as well as our vibration.  The Universe has been sending you signs since the last full moon so trust it!

Mars (the planet of drive & action) connects with Neptune making sure that all actions we take come from our purest intentions. Are you sure that’s really what you want?

Mars in cancer may not create the most easy flowing energy because Mars is used to bulldozing his way through. Cancer forces Mars to factor in feeling and emotion. This makes us double check things that may be unclear or confusing.

Venus (the planet of love & beauty) meets beautifully with Pluto (the planet of transformation) making for a very intense and passionate energy as well as some romantic vibes!

Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, as well as our shadow side. Pluto wants to show us our deepest desires for our soul’s purpose here on Earth. Be open to receive these messages and trust that they were meant for you! All is divine. The time is now to embark on the next phase of your life!

Mars boxes with Jupiter so be careful not to overwork yourself. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and he recently went direct! Allow the abundance to flow openly into your life. Anything is possible. Be bold when setting your intentions. The universe shall recognize you and respond as it always does.

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I love you all! Have an amazing week and remember to stay open to the abundance that the Universe is always giving us (:

Love and Light,


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