Only Absorb Love

Once you wake up you can’t fall back asleep. You are experiencing the in between stage of this fourth dimension. Sometimes this reality can get a little overwhelming for your average indigo. That was me. I was so open and aware of everything going on that I began to absorb all the energies around me! I became an energy sponge. It took quite a toll on me and thats how I came to learn how to only allow love to enter me.

 Love is all that should be accepted. Be conscious of the energies you are surrounded with and the ones you let come into you. In order for someone to spread negative energy to you , it must be accepted. People can’t make you feel like less if you don’t give permission. Love is the only energy you should accept from others. When you meet someone who doesn’t resonate with love, love them until they do. Love is everyone’s destination. Getting back to our true existence. 

If the energy you are experiencing from an outside source is not the one you want, replace their vibe with the energy you resonate at. They will start to as well. Spread love everywhere you go. Love is not limited to your significant other. SPREAD LOVE TO ALL BEINGS. 
– C.D  

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