Paris Fashion Week 

Earlier this month I attended the Zuhair Murad show in Paris for Fashion week. It was truly a magical event. I feel so blessed to be able to experience all of this. So many beautiful opportunities all around me. I wasn’t in Paris for very long but I know I will be back very soon. Paris has my heart. Next year I hope to attend art school there.

We took the train from London to Paris.

I will take a train over a plane any day. Trains allow me to feel more grounded and you also get to see so much! There are some parts of the world that you can only experience by train. 

From Paris we then DROVE to Amsterdam…. If you guys don’t know that’s quite a far drive. What an amazing adventure this whole trip was.   I still have so much incredible content to share with you all.

Make sure to head to my Youtube Channel to watch all of my Europe vlogs:

Counting the days until I return.



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