Restoring the Divine Feminine 

We must restore the divine feminine that has been ripped from Mother Earth.  The reason there is so much fear and hatred on our planet is because of the imbalance of feminine and masculine energies. There is so much masculine energy dominating our Mother, but not for long. So many divine feminine energies have been brought down to Earth to ease us into this transition. In order to ascend we must find balance first. Something Mother Earth is becoming more and more each day.

Many people here have an imbalance within themselves. Once you reconnect with the right brain, become inspired and fuel your imagination, you will begin to balance yourself and everything around you. Masculine and feminine energy simply compliment one another. Neither is greater or more powerful. Both are required to keep a steady balance of energy.

In order to restore Mother Earth, we must restore ourselves as one. Our planet always provides for us. We are her children. Be conscious in how you treat (y)our home. There is no Planet B. All we can do is spread our love and light to every soul we encounter. Be excited for the shift that is about to take place because it is far greater than we can even begin to fathom. The time is now.

Have a beautiful day,


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