They Fear your Mastery

You are the light we must unite together now more than ever. When you look up at the stars, know that you are one of them and will return from your trip on Earth shortly. We live in an expanding Universe that is only growing more vast.

Know that the Universe has placed you in this exact moment because it is your destiny. It is a destiny that you control nonetheless. This mindset can be powerful. Energy is all flowing and can never be destroyed, just like our immortal souls. You know why you are here on Earth, even if you’re not aware now, some part of your infinite being is conscious of your gifts and purposes. You simply must search for it. The answer to everything lies within. They are simply afraid of your mastery and are trying to keep you from your natural power.

Once you can see the light within everything, you will understand that any other emotion besides LOVE, simply doesn’t serve you. See light. Eat light. Be light. Are you aware of the smell you are smelling right now? You probably are now because we are talking about it. We have raised your consciousness of your sense of smell. It first stemmed from your subconscious brain. You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are. It is important you become conscious of what frequencies you are vibrating at and spreading all of the time. Give only love.

After gaining a new sense of consciousness, you will not be able to unsee or unlearn anything. Yes you can still lower your frequency after it being so high. You must be able to maintain a high level of consciousness. See the truth and you won’t want anything else. Break your reality. It is nothing close to real.  Your vibration attracts people around you. You get what you give and its as simple as that. Feel your infinity. I see nothing but rainbow children.

Love them out of our planet #rainbowtribe


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