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Time & Space, Very powerful illusions

Time and Space are complete illusions in the oneness of the Universe. Everything is one source. We originate from this source. We are all individuals who make up the collective consciousness. Every action you take has a vibrational effect. Sometimes it is very necessary to get space or take time away from a situation. I have learned a lot with my own experiences and I can tell you that if two people don’t receive enough space things can blow up. Giving space to the situation can always improve things. Sometimes when two people spend so much time together they aren’t always thinking about each others’ feelings but looking at each others actions or getting lost in words said.

Energy is what makes everything happen. It is all that your composure is. Not the words you say or the actions you take but the energy that lies within them.

In the end I know I have chosen to experience and learn this way. If you are reading this you have chosen to be here on Earth during this time. We all have created this. We choose our experiences and what we learn. It is part of a bigger plan. Every step is on the path.

We’re experiencing the most beautiful forms of evolution. This is all divine creation so at the end of the day smile because you’re exactly where you should be. There are no mistakes only room for growth. We are connecting with our highest selves. Life is art so make it colorful.

Love and Light

Cosette DeMille

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