Truth leads to Happiness

In many religions and cultures around the world it is taught that in the afterlife you are sent to one of the two predetermined destinations, heaven or hell. Many people spend their entire lives afraid to slip up and make a mistake that could determine their destiny. However, heaven and hell can be found here with us upon Earth. Heaven and hell are both a point of view. If you live everyday with authenticity and truth you will live a prosperous life in heaven on Earth. If you believe in the lies of everyday society and set limitations upon yourself you will only suffer here in hell. These lies are created by humans and serve to control us. Eventually, the truth surfaces and the presence of the truth destroys the power of the lies. Living a full life in heaven on Earth is a choice. Everything is a choice. Every human is an artist who is capable of composing their very own dream.

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  1. this ones my favorite. well honestly I can’t decide between this one and “manifest your reality”. You’re so good darling keep posting!

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