Understanding Infinity 

Venice, CA // Paul Martin Photography

Why are we born to believe we ‬only have one dimension to us which is the THIRD. They distract us with lower dimensions so that we never reach higher ones. Think about it. Right when you are born you are forced into an education system. They indoctrinate children with the FIRST dimension which is algebra! Just flat lines and numbers. You need to devote time to discovering how deep your mind can go, rather than endless numbers. Math is infinite like us. It goes on forever. 

 In this dimension, everywhere you look you will see industries and systems built on corruption. We have the media at our fingertips any moment of the day. Seeing the lives of others can have us wanting to be someone that we’re not. Own your authenticity because its one truth in this reality. We are all so vastly unique. Its amazing, no two snowflakes are alike. 

However those tv screens and iphones you’re staring at are SECOND dimensional. We are THIRD dimensional beings experiencing the FOURTH dimension while we ascend to the FIFTH and beyond. We are third dimension meaning we can be defined by height, width, and depth. We have three dimensions to our physical bodies. However currently we are in the fourth dimension because we see that collectively we all live in one Universe, but each of us live an individual Universe.  ‪Other people have nothing to do with you, but everything to do w you. We are all one in the same but each a unique universe within itself‬. We are infinitely evolving for we are infinity.

Enter the shadows of your soul and find the star waiting to be born. Ignite the flame within and burn up the mental slavery that has been created.

We can be anything. Let go of all attachments for nothing is truly tangible, only change and infinite possibilities.

You have no limits only the ones you set for yourself. Reach to infinity because it’s all that we are. Vibrate with love and watch your world transform. I love you all. I don’t have to know you to love you. Xx 

Cosette DeMille 

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