Unplug from the Illusions

People become so plugged into their own reality that they start to believe it is the only one in existence. Understand how much there is that remains unknown. You are infinite. Unplug yourself from the matrix and become aware of the fact that you are the universe experiencing your creations. If you are stuck inside the Matrix, then you are stuck inside one Universe, unaware of the fact that there are an infinite amount of Universes and each itself is infinite. The truth will set you free. Become aware that you are infinity inside of infinity.

We are here to simply exist and become our greatest self on the path to awakening. This is all part of our story that we wrote in the stars long ago. We are living out our destiny. Here on Earth as humans, we are designed to do specific things in order to wake the masses. I came with my words and my art. What are you designed for? Follow your indigo intuition and open that third eye. It is never wrong. We have known the answers all along. This is the way to awakening. Everyday the veil is lifted a little more. Things are going to get worse before they get better, just know that we are rising. We can’t unite unless we’ve seen that we’re divided. On our way to unity one Rainbow Child at a time. I love you all. You are infinite.

Love and light,


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