We are the Light

The human race is responsible for what’s taking place here on Earth. We are evolving as a species. Everything going on in the world is simply part of the bigger plan of human evolution. The people in your life are helping you evolve as a spirit. We all are evolving together.

I have already lived this life in another dimension on a different plane. I’ve seen my entire life play out before my eyes. I can tell you it’s quite an amazing experience. It’s incredible to embody the energy and feeling you recieve while living our your life’s true purpose.

Did you reincarnate to live a lesson for yourself or your greatest dream? Why are you here? What is your purpose on Earth? Send your loving vibrations to Mother Gaia. We must heal our selves in order to heal her. She gives absolutely everything she can to us. We’ve destroyed her provided love. The time to heal is now. We’re all in this as one. You are experiencing the metamorphosis of us as a species.  Sending every inhabitant of Gaia empowering source energy. I love talking to you guys so please reach out to me.

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Twitter: Cosette_Demille

Connecting with you all, you are never alone.

Have a beautiful life,


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