Who were you in your last life?

This is a topic I’ve been wanting to touch on for a while. Many people out there don’t accept people who are gay or transgender. They are looked down upon for changing their bodies and who they are. In my personal opinion I believe we are born who we are meant to be but I respect the different ways of life. Spirit is simply here to have fun. It’s important to respect everyone’s wishes and understand we are all artists in our own portrait. People who feel as if they are born in the wrong body, simply are experiencing a feeling of discomfort and unfamiliarity with their new body. Men who are more feminine than others, were most likely women in their past lives and vice versa.

Absolutely everything can be explained.  I was an African man in my past life, born into a life of poverty in Louisiana, later died of lung cancer at 76.  That explains why, at a young age I was refusing to wear dresses and asking my mother to cut off all my hair. I know that I manifested spirit in this body for many reasons. Find out your purpose in this body and why you are back on Earth. Learning a lesson or living a dream? Listen to your conscious and find out.


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